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Officer-involved shooting that killed a woman found to be justified

Denver District Attorney Beth McCann announced the fatal shooting of Jamie Fernandez on Aug. 15 was justified.

DENVER — Denver District Attorney Beth McCann announced Monday that an officer-involved shooting that killed a woman on Aug. 15, 2019 was justified.

In a letter released after her review, McCann said no charges are warranted against Officer Ismael Lopez and Cprl. Brandon Reyes after a shooting that killed Jamie Fernandez in the area of 1490 Perry St.

On Aug. 15, Lopez and Reyes were taking a break after a disturbance call and decided to stop at a 7-Eleven at Perry Street and West Colfax Avenue, according to the letter.

When Lopez arrived at the 7-Eleven, he saw a dark color Jeep Patriot with a license plate of 515-OXO that he recalled being involved in an eluding incident a couple of days before, the letter says.

Lopez parked behind the Jeep and got out of his car, according to the letter.

Lopez saw a man putting air into the front driver's side tire of the Jeep, the letter says.

The man filling the tire was identified as Justin Lucero, according to the letter. Lucero told Lopez that the owner of the Jeep was in the store. Lopez noticed Lucero acting very nervous, the letter says.

Lucero tried to walk away from Lopez in disregard to Lopez's commands, according to the letter.

Lopez patted down Lucero for weapons and found a syringe in Lucero's front pocket. Lopez then put Lucero in handcuffs, the letter says.

A woman in the Jeep, later identified as Jamie Fernandez, opened the passenger door, the letter says.

Lopez told Fernandez to stay in the car, but she refused and started running toward the Osceola Street and Perry Street alley, according to the letter.

Reyes arrived at the 7-Eleven at the same time as Fernandez was running away from Lopez, the letter said.

Fernandez did not obey commands from officers, reached into her purse and pulled out a black Ruger .380 handgun, firing a shot at Lopez, Reyes and Lucero, according to the letter.

Credit: Denver District Attorney's Office
This is the gun that was used by Jamie Fernandez.

Reyes returned fire as Fernandez was running into a nearby alley, the letter says.

Lopez pushed Lucero to the ground and took cover behind a dumpster, the letter says.

Lopez then fired his gun, emptying his magazine, the letter says.

Lopez said while he was reloading his gun, he heard gunfire continue from Fernandez. Lopez took cover and returned fire until the gunfire stopped and Fernandez was deemed to not be a threat, the letter says.

Lopez and Reyes verbally checked with one another to make sure neither officer was injured, the letter states.

The police officers then approached Fernandez, who was unresponsive, the letter says.

Lopez located the gun that Fernandez had been using and moved it away from her, the letter says.

The officers handcuffed Fernandez and unhandcuffed her once medical personnel arrived, according to the decision letter.

Fernandez' autopsy showed she received 13 total wounds. One of the wounds may have been self-inflicted, a note in the decision letter states.

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