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Denver police identify 13 arrested during violent protests Thursday

DPD said another 19 people were arrested Friday and their names likely wouldn't be released until Monday.

DENVER — Thirteen people arrested during violent protests Thursday night over the in-custody death of George Floyd in Minneapolis have been identified by the Denver Police Department (DPD).

>The video above shows scenes from the protests in Denver on Thursday night.

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Protesters on Thursday blocked major roads and Interstate 25. DPD officers deployed tear gas in an effort to disperse the crowds.

"We will stand ready again to support peaceful demonstrations, but we will not tolerate violence and damage to personal and public property," said Denver Mayor Michael Hancock.

The 13 suspects arrested Thursday and the charges they face:

  • Rosaura Arellano, 27 - Failure to obey/obstruction of justice
  • Kayla Gay, 26 - Interference with a police officer
  • Christopher McAvoy, 23 - Destruction of public property
  • Casey Weatherwax, 38 - Investigation of burglary (His booking mug wasn't released due to the ongoing investigation into the burglary, DPD said.)
  • Benjamin Story, 30 - Assault (throwing rocks or other objects)
  • Alex Riley, 34 - Assault
  • Teianna Green, 20 - Public fighting
  • Mychel McKee, 35 - Destruction of public property (by throwing rocks or other objects)
  • Tanner Plant, 19 - Public fighting
  • Aldo Ramirez, 19 - Destruction of private property
  • Derek Von Drehle, 19 - Disobedience of a police officer (disturbing the peace)
  • Brady Bodrero, 32 - Disobeying a lawful order
  • Melissa Holy Elk Face, 33 - Disobeying a lawful order
Credit: DPD
[L to R, top to bottom] Rosaura Arellano, Kayla Gay, Christopher McAvoy, Benjamin Story, Alex Riley, Teianna Green, Mychel McKee, Tanner Plant, Aldo Ramirez, Derek Von Drehle, Brady Bodrero, Melissa Holy Elk Face. Not pictured: Casey Weatherwax

All but four of the suspects had been released from the Denver jail by Saturday afternoon.

Nineteen suspects were arrested during the protests Friday night. A DPD spokesperson said their names likely won't be released until Monday.

DPD said three officers were injured in the violent protests on Thursday, and another was injured on Friday.

Denver Police say 84 people were arrested Saturday night in downtown Denver, all except one being arrested after the city's 8 p.m. curfew went into effect.

The 83 people arrested after 8 p.m. are all facing a charge of curfew violation, and some others face possible charges of throwing projectiles, damaging property and having prohibited weapons, according to the Denver Police Department (DPD).

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That makes for a total of 118 arrests by DPD from the protests since Thursday night. The names and charges of the suspects won't be released until Monday at the earliest, according to a DPD spokesperson.

DPD released two photos of weapons that were recovered on Saturday.

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