A veteran Arapahoe County sheriff’s deputy was suspended without pay after a fellow officer suspected he was drunk at work one morning in January – a shift he began by transporting an inmate from jail to court.

Court document show that Jeffery Vincent, 44, was ticketed on suspicion of driving while under the influence of alcohol and prohibited use of a weapon. The weapons charge is based on the allegation that he was armed while impaired.

Julie Brooks, spokeswoman for the Arapahoe County Sheriff’s Office, said Vincent was suspended without pay pending the outcome of the case.

On Jan. 3, shortly after Vincent began his shift, Brooks said another officer smelled what he thought was alcohol on the deputy’s breath and notified a supervisor. He was questioned by a supervisor, who determined that he had driven to work – and that he had used a county vehicle to transport an inmate from the booking area at the jail to the courthouse located on the same piece of property at 7325 S. Potomac St.

Vincent was booked and released.

“We commend our employees who took immediate and appropriate action to notify a supervisor of Deputy Vincent’s suspected impairment,” Brooks said. “They did the right thing in what was certainly a difficult circumstance involving both a friend and colleague.”

Vincent has been with the department since 1999, Brooks said.