EDITOR'S NOTE: Details of this case may be too graphic for some readers

A 23-year-old Highlands Ranch mom faces counts of first-degree murder after she allegedly killed her newborn on January 2.

The lead detective in the case testified in Douglas County court on Tuesday that the woman, Camille Wasinger-Konrad, admitted to him that she threw her newborn baby over a fence.

Detective Adam Moorman testified that the child's body was found on a neighbor's deck in their backyard. The neighbor had gone outside to sit in their hot tub and discovered the deceased baby, according to Moorman.

The detective told the court about a search that followed for evidence around the neighbor's house. He said they then expanded the search to other homes and ultimately found a shower curtain with what appeared to be "a significant amount" of blood on it in a trash can belonging to the house next door.

After speaking with the family who lived there, detectives learned Wasinger-Konrad had been renting an upstairs room for a few months. Moorman said the family told him and other responding officers there was also blood in the upstairs bathroom.

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The detective testified that the family asked Wasinger-Konrad about the blood and she told them it was from a reaction to medication she was taking. Later, Moorman testified, that he personally questioned Wasinger-Konrad, and she admitted to delivering the child in the bathroom.

According to Moorman's testimony, Wasinger-Konrad said she woke up that morning with stomach pains and "the baby just came out." Moorman said she told him she had no idea she was pregnant. The baby was crying and she didn't want to wake anyone in the house so she put a blanket as well as her hand over the baby's mouth, according to the detective.

Initially, Moorman said Wasinger-Konrad denied knowing anything about the baby found next door. The detective said she later admitted to throwing the baby over the fence after he asked what results would show if he compared her DNA with the infant's. Moorman quoted Wasinger-Konrad as saying, "Well, the thing is I don't want to get in trouble."

The detective then testified Wasinger-Konrad told him she walked downstairs and sat on the back deck for 10 minutes trying to decide what to do. Her conclusion was, "Well, everyone was just asleep, so I got rid of it," according to Moorman.

Moorman said Wasinger-Konrad then admitted to throwing the baby over the 9-foot fence.

Later in his testimony, Moorman described a conversation between investigators and one of Wasinger-Konrad's co-workers. The detective said the two worked together at a King Soopers in Highlands Ranch and mentioned needing a new schedule because she was pregnant which is something Moorman said was also mentioned to her supervisors. However, as the public defender representing Wasinger-Konrad pointed out, Moorman didn't personally talk to the co-worker or any supervisors to confirm the information.

Moorman said attempts were made by investigators to talk to her family and boyfriend but were unsuccessful.

The baby's exact cause of death is still unknown. The Douglas County Coroner's Office is waiting for tests before releasing results.

Wasinger-Konrad's arraignment date has been set for May 22 at 10 a.m.