A now-former security guard at Grandview High School has pleaded guilty to felony criminal sexual assault of a child in wake of allegations that he had an intimate relationship with a student.

Broderick Lundie, 29, was arrested earlier this year after allegations came to light that he had sexual contact with a student in the backseat of his car after exchanging numerous text messages with her – some of them explicit in nature.

Lundie had initially been charged with sexual assault on a child by a person in a position of trust and sexual assault where the age difference between the suspect and victim is 10 years or more.

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He was arrested May 4 and later released after posting a $25,000 bail.

The victim in the case described their relationship as “dating.”

Lundie was accused of contact with other students – although it is difficult to tell how many because of redactions in the court documents.

Lundie is scheduled for sentencing on March 21.