A jury has found a man guilty of 10 of the 24 counts he was charged with for his role in a deadly crime spree that began in Commerce City and ended in Denver. 

Prosecutors said Eric Ukuni was arrested for the Aug. 8, 2017 crime spree began early that morning, following a night of drinking and drugs. While he was accused of breaking into a convenience store in Commerce City and trying to rob employees there, the jury found him not guilty on those charges, according to the DA. 

The jury did find Ukuni guilty of stealing a pickup truck from a father and his adult daughter in the parking lot of that convenience store, according to the DA. When police arrived, prosecutors said Ukuni took off, leading Commerce City police on a chase. 

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While this happened, prosecutors said Ukuni slammed into multiple cars — including intentionally ramming one vehicle headed east into Denver on East 40th Avenue. When he crossed Havana Street, according to the DA, Ukuni hit-and-killed 66-year-old Ernest Gurrini, who was standing beside his delivery truck. 

While he was trying to avoid police, prosecutors said Ukuni tried to carjack multiple vehicles around 40th Avenue and Havana Street.

Ukuni, who is being held in the Denver Downtown Detention Center, is slated to be sentenced on Oct. 18. 

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