Broncos wide-receiver Cody Latimer told investigators he was wearing a GoPro when the mother of his son hit him outside of a bar in Denver on May 30, and caught the entire incident on tape.

According to an Arapahoe County Sheriff’s department report, Latimer told investigators he captured the entire incident at a Denver night club because he was wearing the camera at the time. The sheriff’s deputy responded to Latimer’s home at 2:45 a.m., according to the report, after he called saying his girlfriend “put her hands on him”.

The report spells out Latimer’s story, saying his “son’s mother” slapped him in the face because of “jealousy issues.”

He told investigators he and his girlfriend, Jaimee Rando, 25, have a 5-month-old son together. Latimer told the officer he was not in any pain but called for help to “de-escalate” everything.

Rando also told the deputy her side of the story, describing her relationship with the Bronco’s star as “complicated”. She said they had been at the Epernay Lounge in Denver drinking together. After drinking what she described as 4-5 shots of alcohol, she says she “pushed Latimer because she was upset with him.” Rondo disagreed with Latimer’s account that she “slapped” him, instead she described it as a push in the face.

The couple said they have “been together” for 6 months.

Latimer told the sheriff’s officer he planned to spend the night with a friend to further de-escalate the situation. He ended up getting arrested instead because of an outstanding warrant. That warrant was for failure to appear for a traffic offense with a bond of $1,500. Latimer told the officer that someone from the Bronco’s should have taken care of the ticket.

The officer wrote he had to use two sets of handcuffs on Latimer “due to Latimer’s large stature.”

Denver Police were called and responded to the scene to investigate the domestic violence call because both Latimer and Rondo said it happened in the city, not Arapahoe County. They took Rondo into custody.

Latimer refused to complete a written statement.