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Woman agrees to testify against suspected cop shooter, could avoid prison time

Rigoberto Dominguez is set for trial early next year related to the wounding of the officer in late 2021.

LITTLETON, Colo. — A woman who was charged as an accessory in connection with the shooting of a Littleton police officer agreed to testify against the suspected shooter and could avoid serving any time behind bars.

On Aug. 1, Blanca Arrieta pleaded guilty to one count of accessory to a crime related to the Sept. 20, 2021 shooting during which an officer was shot eight times but survived. As part of the plea, a second count against her was dismissed.

Arrieta received a four-year deferred sentence. She could avoid serving time behind bars if she complies with all conditions of the agreement, which includes "providing truthful statements and testimony"; during the upcoming trial of Rigoberto Dominguez.

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Dominguez, who was described as Arrieta's ex-boyfriend, was arrested several days after the shooting on Oct. 7, 2021. He's currently set to go to trial in February of next year on attempted murder charges related to the shooting of Littleton Officer David Snook.

Credit: Littleton Police Department
Rigoberto "Rigo" Valles Dominguez

Around 11 p.m. Sept. 20, 2021, three Littleton Police officers responded to a report of shots being fired from a car window in the area of West Powers Avenue and South Bannock Street, police said.

Officers contacted Arrieta in the area and asked if she knew why there was so much police activity and she initially said she didn't know. When the officer told her it was a because of a shooting, she said Dominguez was upset and "just started shooting."

She said she did not know why he did it and did not know where he was and did not know where he got the gun.

While at the scene, Dominguez was seen by officers running into an apartment building. 

A police report says Cpl. Jeff Farmer saw Dominguez pull a gun from his waistband as he was running. Snook followed Dominguez into the building as Farmer yelled to warn him that Dominguez was armed, according to a police report.

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As soon as Snook entered the building, the report says he was shot in the abdomen. According to the report, Dominguez continued to fire shots at Snook and at Farmer when he arrived to try and help Snook. 

While he was on lying on the ground, Snook fired back at Dominguez, the report says. He fired a total of 18 rounds, none of which hit Dominguez.

Farmer also shot four times at Dominguez, the report says.

Dominguez eventually fled the area and was arrested days later. The report says he fired a total of 27 shots during the encounter.

After the shooting, Arrieta voluntarily spoke with officers and said she did not know where Dominguez was or how to contact him.

However, as part of the investigation warrants were granted for her phones and detectives were able to identify two phones that were recently purchased at a Walmart store. A woman resembling Arrieta was seen on security camera footage buying the phones and one of them was later found with Dominguez when he was arrested.

In the days prior to his arrest, Arrieta rented a room at a Comfort Inn and was seen on security cameras sneaking Dominguez in through a side door.

If Arrieta completes all terms and conditions of her probation, the district attorney agreed to an early termination after two years instead of the full four years.

If she fails to comply, she could be resentenced.

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