DENVER - Cars can get stolen in any neighborhood, but in the Mile High City limits, Capitol Hill saw the most thefts-per-square-mile in 2017.

That's according to data from the Denver Police Department, which lists the neighborhoods that saw the most auto thefts in a square mile.

9NEWS Mornings looked at the data as part of a series exploring auto thefts in metro Denver -- what causes them and how people can protect their property. (Tune in Wednesday for a look at some of the things thieves look for when targeting cars.)

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The graphic below explores the top 10 Denver neighborhoods for auto thefts per-square-mile. Click on an image to see how each one ranks. If you don't see the interactive graphic, click / tap here.

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Convicted car thief Vanessa Becker spoke to 9NEWS about how she stole cars to fuel her cocaine addiction.

Now an inmate at La Vista Correctional in Pueblo, Becker was sentenced to four years in prison after a wild chase in January 2016 that ended in her arrest.

She and six other inmates at prisons across Colorado also shared in a 9NEWS survey things that deterred them -- and encouraged them -- to steal a car.

One highlight? The seven inmates said not only was it easy to steal cars, things like car alarms and key fobs did little to deter them.