Video recorded by the Meyer Law Office in the Lindsey-Flanigan Courthouse in February shows multiple ICE agents, in plain clothes, waiting outside of a courtroom. An attorney from the law office begins questioning the agents about their purpose.

The agents refused to tell the lawyer who they were there to arrest but 9NEWS has confirmed the agents were there to pick up Juan Carlos Lara-Rios, 49, who was in court for sentencing in a 2015 case in which he stole tools from the back of a couple of trucks, according to police records. The Mexican national was sentenced to two years of probation.

Lara-Rios does have permanent residency status which can be revoked for criminal activity. He has a lengthy, non-violent criminal history in Colorado dating back to 2004. He’s been charged with numerous crimes, including at least two misdemeanor and four felony charges like trespassing, theft and criminal conspiracy.

It’s unclear if the agents in the video made an arrest the day they were questioned on camera by the immigration attorney, but Lara-Rios was eventually picked up and is currently being held at a federal detention facility in Denver.