The missing teen out of Broomfield was found dead in a wooded area last week. Now, Adams County Sheriff's Department is investigating 19-year-old Natalie Bollinger's death as a homicide.

The Investigation

Adams County Sheriff Michael McIntosh said there are still a lot of questions about her disappearance and when she was found.

From the time the missing person report came in on Thursday at 3:30 p.m. to the time she was found dead Friday afternoon, investigators don't know anything about her. She just disappeared.

"Those are the crucial 26 hours for us," said McIntosh.

Restraining order

There's one person police are talking to from Natalie's past. A man who she filed a restraining order against just last month, Shawn Schwartz.

Natalie wrote in court documents that Shawn was calling and texting her while she lived in Colorado. He followed her to Virginia then back to Colorado.

She told authorities, he would park outside her job and once honked his horn for over three hours outside her home.

He once posted on Facebook:

"Natalie, I wanted only the best for you. Now all I want is for you to go through the hell I have lived. I want to blow my head off in front of you so close you can feel the warm spatter of my blood on your face".

Shawn has been interviewed by investigators. "Not ready to call anyone at this point a suspect," said Sheriff McIntosh.

On his Facebook page, Shawn talks about his interviews with police about her disappearance. He says they're looking at the wrong person.

No arrests - Sheriff says there's no threat

While the Sheriff won't say anything more about the case, he wants everyone to know, he feels there's no threat to the community.

"My first concern is public safety for the half a million people in Adams County," he said. "I'm not concerned that this person isn't in custody yet."

There haven't been any arrests so far, but he says this was an isolated case.

Family Statement

Natalie's family did issue a statement saying in part, "our family has been deeply devastated by this loss and cannot fully express how much we miss our beautiful Natalie. Our hearts are absolutely broken."

They said they are in the process but have not yet finalized any memorial plans.

"We will be sure to share with you all, the date and time of her service once those arrangements have been completed," wrote Ted Bollinger, Natalie's father.

The family is also asking if anyone has any information about the case to please contact the Sheriff's office.