SUMMIT COUNTY, Colo. — A Minnesota man who assaulted a Breckenridge police officer who was trying to help him has been found guilty on several charges, including second degree assault upon a peace officer with serious bodily injury, 

A Summit County jury found 22-year-old Nathan Finnegan not guilty of first degree assault Friday in connection with the July 21, 2018 incident.

According to a release from the district attorney for the Fifth Judicial District, Finnegan rammed his van into a guardrail in Breckenridge while high on marijuana, then left the vehicle in a ditch and walked down the road, undressing and leaving his clothes behind him as he went along.

After walking a quarter of a mile down Highlands Drive to State Highway 9, he lay down in the roadway wearing only boxer shorts. When a bus driver spotted him, she stopped and positioned her bus to protect him from traffic. She then called 911.

A Breckenridge police officer arrived and led Finnegan to the side of the road with the intention of keeping him safe until emergency responders showed up.

Finnegan then hit the officer in the face multiple times, causing serious head injuries, and strangled her unconscious. Summit County sheriff's deputies then arrived and arrested Finnegan, who continued to struggle with them.

Finnegan is scheduled to be sentenced on May 6. He faces between 5 and 16 years in prison.