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Little Rock woman scammed out of $500 on Facebook yard sale page

After several weekly installments of $75 to a man selling the new PlayStation 5 on Facebook, Hannah Henson was blocked and never received her console or a refund.

LITTLE ROCK, Ark. — A Little Rock woman said she’s been targeted by a scammer on a Facebook yard sale page.

"It’s super frustrating, especially with it being the holidays,” said Hannah Henson.

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Henson is out $500 with nothing to show for it.

She thought she was getting the highly sought-after PlayStation 5 on Facebook's Saline County Yard Sale page from a man claiming to have pre-ordered one in September.

"I wasn't aware they didn't come out and officially get released until November,” said Henson.

Since the man Henson made a purchase from has not been charged with a crime yet, we will not reveal his identity.

Henson paid him several weekly installments of $75.

Once he received all the money, he started ignoring her messages for days until she asked for a refund.

"I actually said I wanted my money back. He said, 'Money back?' I said, 'Yes, for the PlayStation 5 I never received,'” said Henson.

The man then claimed his pre-order was canceled and had to order the PlayStation from another store that cost more money.

He asked Henson for another payment to make up the difference. She sent it, and days later, she never heard back.

She threatened legal action, she asked for her money back once again, and the man then blocked her on social media.

She has no PlayStation and she’s out hundreds of dollars.

"I've never been scammed before, but I see that now, after the fact, that the event has happened,” said Henson.

Henson posted her experience online. Several others have stepped up and said they have also been scammed by the same man.

She's hoping by sharing her story that others will be more cautious when getting a deal from a stranger.

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"Be more cautious, be more aware. If it seems too good to be true, it probably is,” said Henson.

Henson said she is currently working on filing a police report with LRPD.