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Man arrested after road rage incident outside Longmont Police headquarters

Police said Paul Michael Jaqua, 60, pointed a gun at another driver who he said tailgated him.

LONGMONT, Colo. — An off-duty security guard was arrested after police say he pointed a gun at another driver outside Longmont police headquarters in a road rage incident. 

Police said dispatchers received a phone call Thursday morning from a man who said another driver was pointing a gun at him outside the police station on Kimbark Street. 

Several officers responded and saw that the suspect was pointing a gun into the other car, police said, and he immediately dropped it when officers confronted him. He was then arrested. 

An arrest affidavit says the suspect, identified as 60-year-old Paul Michael Jaqua, told police he was driving north on Highway 287 when another car started tailgating him. He said he brake-checked the other car, which then swerved around him and cut in front of him.

Jaqua said he was extremely upset by the other driver's behavior because it is unsafe and because he was tired of people tailgating, the affidavit says, and he wanted to teach the other driver a lesson. 

He continued to follow the other car until it pulled in front of the police station, the affidavit says, but police noted it was unknown whether he knew he was outside the Safety and Justice building until officers came out.

The affidavit says Jaqua said he "knew what he did wasn't right," but he got out of his car and began yelling at the other driver while pointing a loaded gun at the two people in the car because he wanted to scare him and wanted the other driver to know his driving was not acceptable. He claimed his finger was never on the trigger. 

Jaqua told police he had a concealed carry permit. He said he was employed as an armed security guard for Absolute Security, and that he was coming home from a 12-hour shift. 

The victims told police they had quickly caught up with Jaqua as he pulled onto Highway 287 from a road at the south end of Longmont, and that Jaqua hit his brakes. The victims said they swerved around Jaqua at the last second and that as they passed him, he rolled down his window and pointed a handgun at them. 

The victim driver said he called 911 and was instructed to drive to the police department, where Jaqua confronted him. 

Jaqua was arrested on a felony menacing with a handgun charge as well as harassment -- follow in a public place, and was booked at the Boulder County Jail. 

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