The 19-year-old Colorado Springs man who admitted to police he stabbed his two younger siblings multiple times told 9Wants to Know from jail he didn’t know why he did what he did.

“It’s like it wasn’t me,” Malik Murphy said, not denying that he was responsible for the deaths.

Murphy – who was described as having a history of mental health issues – is facing murder charges for stabbing his 5-year-old sister, Sophia, and 7-year-old brother, Noah.

In addition, he faces a separate attempted murder charge tied to the allegation that he stabbed his father in the neck during a scuffle that began when Jefferson Murphy awakened to the screams of his younger children.

Jefferson Murphy has since been released from the hospital.

Monday, according to an arrest affidavit, Malik Murphy told police he had “suicidal ideations” and “stated that his plan was to kill his entire family and then bury them in the backyard, and this would allow him to be alone in the residence.”

On Thursday, 9Wants to Know reporter Anastasiya Bolton visited Murphy in the El Paso County jail. Recording devices are not permitted inside the jail, but note-taking is allowed.

Bolton introduced herself to Murphy as a journalist and started asking questions. Murphy answered them. He continued the conversation after Bolton told him she would report his answers to her questions.

The first question she asked was why he did it. Murphy told Bolton he didn’t know.

Bolton asked Murphy if anything had happened before the incident, such as a fight. He said no.
Bolton asked him if he was sorry.

“Extremely,” he said.

At that point, jail staff cut off the conversation. Later, jailers reversed course and said the conversation shouldn’t have been interrupted, but when Bolton tried to visit him a second time he declined to see her.

According to the arrest affidavit, Murphy told the Colorado Springs Police detectives, he bought a knife at Walmart several months ago.

Earlier this year, Murphy’s parents told police in Illinois the teen had behavioral issues and had been on antidepressants. That came after he allegedly took their Ford Explorer from Colorado Springs, then set it on fire near a Cracker Barrel in Effingham, Ill.

Authorities there agreed to drop charges after assurances that Murphy would undergo treatment for his mental issues.

Back in Colorado Springs, Murphy’s grandfather said he struggled with anger.

“Malik couldn’t get a grip on what life is about,” Terry Mason told 9NEWS. “He had anger issues. He was angry towards society. He felt he didn’t fit in.”

Murphy is expected back in an El Paso County courtroom October 27.