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Arrest document reveals new details about 'rampage' through Denver streets

Tyler Hazell, 23, is accused of ramming several vehicles, including two DPD cars, and running over a pedestrian.

DENVER — A document released Sunday reveals new details in the arrest of a man accused of ramming several vehicles, including two Denver Police cars and running over a pedestrian. 

According to a probable cause statement from the Denver Police Department (DPD), it all began when officers were called to the Burger King on West Colfax Avenue west of Speer Boulevard at around 8:30 a.m. Saturday.

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Officers responded to a disturbance report, the statement says, between Tyler Hazell and restaurant employees. The statement says the 23-year-old drove off in his Honda Pilot before officers arrived, heading east on West Colfax. 

He later stopped at a traffic light at West Colfax and North Delaware Street, the statement says, then drove backward for two blocks until he was next to a Honda Civic. 

The statement says Hazell rolled down his window and said, "Race me or die" to the women in the Civic. Terrified, they made a U-turn on West Colfax but Hazell went after them and rammed the back of their car, the statement says.

He continued to follow them, according to the statement and rammed the passenger side several times.

He took off, the statement says, and the woman called 911. They were directed to the District 1 station to make a report.

According to the statement, Hazell continued eastbound before intentionally going off the road on West 14th Avenue at Broadway in an effort to run down two men who were walking on the sidewalk. They scattered as Hazell approached, the statement says, but he continued to chase one of them and ran him down, breaking his pelvis and legs.

After that, the statement says, Hazell got back onto West 14th Avenue and drove the wrong way down the street. He then stopped to give a transient man a high five before getting out to take a photo, according to the statement.

Hazell got back in his car, according to the statement, and headed east down West 14th until he arrived at the 1400 block of North Delaware Street. That's where a DPD officer was driving a marked police car with a prisoner in the back, the statement says. Hazell then intentionally rammed the side of the police car, according to the statement.

Hazell then continued southbound on North Delaware for about 75 feet before intentionally ramming another DPD car, according to the statement. Both patrol cars were disabled, the statement says. DPD said both officers and the prisoner were left with minor injuries.

After that, the statement says, Hazell drove back to the Burger King parking lot. While there, he rammed a parked truck with no one inside, according to the statement. 

An officer who was already at the Burger King investigating the original disturbance tried to stop Hazell, according to the statement. Still, Hazell ignored the officer's emergency lights and got away. 

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The statement says Hazell continued his "rampage" into other areas and was eventually contacted by officers from multiple jurisdictions in the 7800 block of Quebec Parkway in Commerce City when his vehicle finally stopped running due to previous damage.

Hazell refused to follow officers' orders to get out of his car, the statement says, but they eventually managed to get him out of his car and take him into custody.

He was then taken to Denver Health and turned over to Denver Sheriff deputies, the statement says.

Hazell was placed on hold for investigation of multiple counts of 1st-degree assault and an outstanding felony warrant, according to the statement.

The Denver District Attorney's Office will make the final determination on charges, DPD said.