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Man convicted of stealing two rental cars, robbing two banks

Prosecutors said the man stole two cars from Enterprise Rent-A-Car at DIA and robbed two banks in the Weld County area.
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GREELEY, Colorado — A Denver man was convicted last week of stealing two rental cars and robbing two banks at gunpoint in 2018, according to the 19th Judicial District Attorney's Office

Billy Ray Hendrix, 58, was convicted of two counts of aggravated robbery, six counts of felony menacing with a deadly weapon, two counts of theft, and two counts of motor vehicle theft, according to prosecutors.

Prosecutors said in June 2018, Hendrix stole a car from Enterprise Rent-A-Car at Denver International Airport (DIA). He took the car to rob a FirstBank branch in Erie, where he used a Bioré face mask in an attempt to conceal his identity, according to prosecutors. 

Law enforcement found the car, with pieces of the face mask inside, abandoned at the Orchard Town Center in Westminster, according to prosecutors. They submitted the evidence to the Colorado Bureau of Investigation for DNA analysis. 

In July 2018, according to prosecutors, Hendrix went back to Enterprise at DIA to steal another car. As he was leaving, the rear tires were punctured by the spike strip at the gate, according to prosecutors. Hendrix made it about a mile down the road before abandoning the car. 

He then used his own car in a robbery of a bank in La Salle, according to prosecutors. 

Prosecutors said investigators were able to identify Hendrix through DNA found on the face mask. He also wore the same shirt, hat, and glasses in both robberies, according to prosecutors. 

In a hearing Dec. 22, a judge will decide if Hendrix is considered a habitual offender. If he's convicted on that charge, he could face 96 years in prison. 

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