JEFFERSON COUNTY, Colorado — A 47-year-old man was sentenced to 20 years in prison for attacking a man with an axe at a campground last summer, the Jefferson County District Attorney's Office announced Monday.

Curtis Chan Clark was also sentenced to five years parole.

Deputies responded to a campground in the 20600 block of Redskin Creek Road south of Pine just before 7 p.m. on June 18 for a report of a disturbance. Once there, deputies found a 38-year-old man laying on the ground and covered in blood.

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The victim was taken to a hospital. The DA said he had been hit multiple times with an axe and had broken bones in his face and nose, a ruptured ear drum and facial lacerations.

Campers at another campsite witnesses the attack, and a male yelled at Clark to drop the axe and ran toward him and the victim, the DA said.

The man from the nearby campground then disarmed Clark after Clark attempted to swing it at him.

The DA said Clark and the victim were co-workers and friends who were camping together at the time of the incident.

Clark on Oct. 21 pleaded guilty to:

  • First-degree assault - serious bodily injury with a deadly weapon, a felony 
  • Attempted first-degree assault - serious bodily injury with a deadly weapon
  • Two violent crime counts (which are sentence enhancers)

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