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Manhunt underway for accused killer

The suspect, Daniel Egan, is accused of killing fellow inmate Matthew Massaro while serving a federal racketeering sentence.

DENVER — In July 2018, Kevin Massaro's son, Matthew, was killed inside the Buena Vista Correctional Complex while serving a sentence for fraud, assault and robbery.  

"It never goes away. It's with you every waking day," Kevin Massaro said. "The toughest thing about it was telling my grandson that his father had been killed. That was just a brutal event."

Four other inmates were charged in connection with Matthew Massaro's death, including Daniel Egan. A career criminal with a record involving guns, drugs and stolen cars, Egan was serving a 16-year federal racketeering sentence for leading a white supremacist prison gang. 

In March of this year, Egan was released from federal custody on the racketeering charge. Five days later, after Egan agreed to plead guilty to second-degree assault in connection to Massaro's death, a Chaffee County judge lowered Egan's bond from $100,000 to $50,000. Egan posted the money and was released.

"He's a very dangerous individual," Kevin Massaro said. "The judge saw more good in him than I did."

Three weeks after Egan bonded out of jail, he got married in Nevada and then failed to appear for a June 8 court date in Chaffee County regarding Matthew Massaro's death. A warrant was issued for Egan's arrest, but so far, he has not been caught.

"It is scary as all get-out," Kevin Massaro said. "He's got a very violent past and he must believe he has very little to lose, so I'd be worried about the fate of anyone that runs into him."

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