After spending two weeks in jail for refusing to testify in a death penalty case, a Mennonite woman was released from jail on Monday.

Greta Lindecrantz initially refused to testify on the grounds that capital punishment violated her religious beliefs.

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On Saturday a release from Lindecrantz’s attorney, Mari Newman, stated that Lindecrantz now feels her beliefs compel her to testify.

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On Monday, Newman reported receiving an order from the Arapahoe County District Court stating Lindecrantz will be released from jail.

Lindecrantz was jailed on Feb. 26 because she declined to testify for the prosecution seeking to uphold the death sentence of Robert Ray, who was convicted of two murders in 2009. Ray’s current defense team is trying to argue that the defense in his original trial was ineffective. Lindecrantz was an investigator for the defense in that trial.

According to Newman, Lindecrantz will testify in court on Wednesday.