One person has died after being shot outside an RTD parking garage Wednesday night. Denver police said at least one armed RTD employee was involved in the shooting, but stopped short of saying whether or not it was this person who pulled the trigger.

Denver police, who are helping with the investigation, say they were called to the scene near an RTD parking garage at Sheridan Blvd and west 9th Ave around 7:00 p.m. on Wednesday.

When they arrived on scene, they found one person who had been shot. That person was transported to the hospital where they later died.

Police say armed RTD personnel were involved in the shooting. They did not specify how many people were involved or if they were security officers, contractors or something else.

They say at this point in the investigation, it appears that the person who died was the only one shot. Police also say that no RTD personnel were injured.

DPD did not say what led up to the shooting. They are also not releasing any information about the person who was shot at this time.

9NEWS has reached out to RTD, but our calls have not been returned at this time.