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Jurors side with Planned Parenthood in wrongful death lawsuit related to 2015 shooting

Several victims filed a wrongful death lawsuit alleging the Colorado Springs clinic should have known about the dangers and done more to protect staff and clients.

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. — A Denver jury this week found that Planned Parenthood of the Rocky Mountains was not liable for a deadly shooting at a Colorado Springs clinic in November 2015.

The jury returned its verdict on Tuesday after several shooting victims and family members filed a lawsuit arguing that Planned Parenthood should have done more to protect clients since the clinic was the "subject of constant verbal, email, and mail threats."

>The video above is about the indictment of the suspect on federal charges.

The wrongful death lawsuit filed in August 2016 notes that clinics such at this one that provide abortions are often targeted and that there was no armed security at the clinic on Nov. 27, 2015 when the shooting happened.

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A police officer and two civilians were killed, and five police officers and four civilians were injured when the clinic was attacked. The suspect, Robert Dear, has yet to stand trial because he's been repeatedly ruled incompetent at the both the state and federal level.

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The lawsuit also argued that other clinics, including one in Denver, are equipped with security exterior fences, gates, and video and audio surveillance. It also says the clinic was the target of "near weekly" protests prior to the shooting.

The jury on Tuesday sided with the clinic when asked if the clinic should have known about the dangers or if the clinic's "failures" caused any of the plaintiffs' injuries.

Jurors also concluded that the clinic did provide "reasonable care" to protect against dangers on the property.