During an investigation into the burglary and theft of some copper wiring, Westminster Police discovered additional video of what they're calling a "suspicious metal recycling incident."

Surveillance video, dated Aug. 2 and Aug. 15, shows a suspect at a metal recycling facility with hundreds of pounds of copper and aluminum wire - much of it still coiled up.

The suspect is shown recycling 350 pounds of Cat5 Cable (a copper wire) and another 171 pounds of aluminum CON/FLEX.

Police estimate the value at well over $1,000.

A Westminster Detective has identified the suspect in the video, but police are actually asking for the victim to come forward.

Turns out, the suspect in the video, bringing in the wire and aluminum, was under investigation by detectives for a different copper burglary.

Westminster Police say they are now looking for the victim of a likely construction site burglary in which the items in these videos were taken.

If your construction site was burglarized or trespassed around this time and the materials viewed in the surveillance footage match a corresponding police report filed, Westminster Police ask you to contact Detective Frenzel through dispatch at 303-658-4360.