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Report details how 3 men escaped Aurora ICE facility

The men escaped in June and were on the run for several days before being recaptured.

AURORA, Colo. — A report released as part of the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request details how three detainees escaped from Aurora Contract Detention Facility (ACDF) over the summer.

Amilcar Aguilar-Hernandez, 23, from El Salvador; Douglas Amaya-Arriaga, 18; and Carlos Perez-Rodriguez, 18, both from Honduras, escaped on June 16 and were recaptured several days later in three separate locations.

A special security assessment of the facility was performed after the men escaped. According to the report, just after noon on June 16, the men climbed a gate in the outdoor recreation area and escaped. 

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About 60 detainees were outside as part of a routine recreations period when the men escaped, the report says. 

When the supervisor announced the end of the outdoor period, she went over to the door, unlocked it and began counting detainees as they re-entered the building, the report says.

That distracted her from directly viewing the recreation area, the report says, and the escapees used that distraction to make their way to the west side of the yard where they climbed the gate.

The gate was "not secured sufficiently" and the weight of the men climbing the fence created a gap at the top large enough for them to maneuver through and then lean out and grab the fencing of chain link walkway that was connected to a perimeter wall, the report says. The men climbed up on that fencing, which allowed them to step out onto the perimeter wall, from there they jumped into the west parking lot area, according to the report.

While the report details their escape, it's heavily redacted and any details about possible changes made at the facility since their escape are not known.

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The investigation determined that the trio made their way to a safe house in Colorado Springs, where they spent three nights together. Their goal was to earn enough money to leave Colorado, ICE said. However, they were forced to split up once they were recognized, according to ICE.

Aguilar-Hernandez has a criminal conviction for felony trespassing and he is currently a suspect in a rape case in Fort Carson, Colorado. Amaya-Arriaga and Perez-Rodriguez, both from Honduras, had no previous criminal history.

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