The signature gatherer who collected potentially forged signatures on a ballot for an anti-fracking measure says homeless men filled out his petition.

“It wasn’t me at all,” the gatherer told 9NEWS by phone Monday. 9NEWS has chosen not to release his identity as he has not yet been charged criminally.

The gatherer, who was collecting signatures for Initiative 78, said he encountered homeless men in Denver who wanted to sign the petition.

“Some of the homeless men didn’t have any addresses so their friends would be like yeah I used to live in this address,” he said “They’d just write some bulls***.”

The gatherer said he has spoken to investigators.“The petition processing team identified a petition section that contains several potentially forged signature lines,” a statement from the Colorado Secretary of State’s office said.The signatures in question were turned over to the Colorado Attorney General.All signature gatherers are required to sign an affidavit verifying that all signatures are valid. The gatherer said he signed it because he says he didn’t forge anything himself.“It wasn’t me at all,” he said. “That’s not my handwriting.”Forged signatures were found in spring on a petition to make John Keyser a Republican Senate candidate. That signature gatherer, Maureen Moss, was arrested for felony forgery.