People who live around Cuernavaca Park in Downtown Denver say a stabbing that happened there on Sunday is not an isolated incident.

For the past few months, residents said they've seen an uptick in criminal activity in the area.

Robert Bogenberger moved near the park 10 years ago because it was a "beautiful little neighborhood." He expected a lot of activity like people walking their dogs and playing Frisbee or other sports. However, he did not expect there to be drug activity.

"It used to be a friendly place to hang out, but now it's just meth and crack," Bogenberger said.

He said the situation seems to be getting worse and city records back his claim. In 2015, officers weren't called to the park more than 10 times a month. In October 2016, there were 18 calls. That number jumped to 62 calls in May of this year. In 2017 alone, police have already been called to the park 149 times including Sunday when a man was stabbed in the neck.

"I can't remember in 10 years having violent incidents here before," Bogenberger said. "It seems to be happening on a weekly basis now."

Bogenberger and his neighbors say the violence started rising when a group they refer to as the Stoner Hill gang started hanging out at the park. He said the group mostly just occupies the park and "apparently sells drugs to the people who park and wander on over from the skate park."

People living in the area have created a park safety committee to restore the once peaceful park. They're hoping to get security cameras installed around the park and increase security presence to keep the park safe.

Police say they haven't made any arrests in Sunday's stabbing.