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Steamboat Springs man accused of threatening county commissioner over COVID-19 restrictions

David Caddell, 48, is also accused of leaving threatening voicemails for Commissioner Tim Corrigan's wife and daughter.

STEAMBOAT SPRINGS, Colo. — A Steamboat Springs man has been arrested after police say he sent threatening messages to a Routt County commissioner and his family over COVID-19 restrictions.

According to an arrest affidavit from the Steamboat Springs Police Department (SSPD), police learned on March 5 that 48-year-old David Caddell had sent multiple emails to Routt County Commissioner Tim Corrigan.

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In one email, according to the affidavit, Caddell asked, "why is the county suffering these lockdowns when they have been proven to cause harm and no benefit to the people of Routt County?"

The affidavit says he went on to say, "You messed with the wrong Patriot, (expletive)".

"How about a 223 round through the forehead from a firing squad for the crime of treason?", the email read according to the affidavit. 

The affidavit says later in the email Caddell wrote, "I don't expect an honest answer out of you, Mr. Corrigan -- I am simply exposing your treasonous criminality, and I will harass you endlessly... I hope that you will be smart enough not to push me to completely unleash my rage upon you... Because I will... So just be a nice boy and open up the damn county, okay?"

In emails to Routt County Sheriff Garrett Wiggins, the affidavit says Caddell wrote "I tried it the nice way, for months, with facts, that you ignored... Which means, that you intentionally mean to do me harm. Which means, WAR, you (expletives)." 

Later in the email, the affidavit says Caddell added "Now, it is WAR, and my only purpose is to make your lives as much as a living hell as you are making for me and the other residents of Routt County."

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The affidavit says Caddell also threatened to harass and terrorize Wiggins "for as long as you continue your tyrannical, fascist behavior," and wrote, "It's simple -- lift your boot heel from my neck, and I will withdraw my pistol..."

Caddell left voicemails with Corrigan's wife and adult daughter, as well, saying Corrigan would be executed for treason, the affidavit says. The affidavit says neither Corrigan nor police know how Caddell managed to get their phone numbers.

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The affidavit says Caddell had previously sent a number of emails to local officials who said they were frightened by them, but the district attorney and other criminal investigators determined he had not committed a crime.

According to District Attorney Matt Karzen, Caddell faces charges of attempting to influence a public servant and stalking. He is being held on $10,000 bond and is due back in court on April 13 for a status hearing.