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Video captures theft suspects crashing through garage door after resident confronts them

Mike Blake said he confronted two people after he saw them on surveillance roaming his condo building.

DENVER — When he came across two people apparently stealing packages in his condo garage, Mike Blake had an idea what they were up to. He had no idea what they would do next.

He said package thieves have targeted his building before, so when he was awoken by a loud noise and logged into his condo's surveillance system, he wasn't surprised to see two men walking through the hallways and the garage. 

"It’s shocking when it happens once, but when it happens multiple times you kind of feel helpless," he said. 

So he and his husband decided to confront the thieves in the garage. 

One of the men ran out the door. The other locked himself inside a car. Blake started filming.

The video shows the man driving toward him, turning around, backing up and then crashing through the garage door -- twice. 

"That was some fast and furious type driving. I was really amazed that the guy could do that," he said. "Metal was just flying everywhere and I don't know, it was just crazy to watch."

Denver Police said property crime is up nearly 30% citywide. It's up 27.5% in the district around Blake's condo near Mile High. DPD said Tuesday morning's incident at the building was the sixth reported theft in the past two years there. 

"We are taking a multifaceted approach to address these increases," a department spokesperson said. "We’re using a data-driven approach to the deployment of officers to deter crime, educating community members on how to protect their property and encouraging participation in neighborhood watch."

They do not want crime witnesses to confront suspects like Blake did. 

"A lot of people engaging in criminal activity carry weapons and will do whatever it takes to escape if they feel trapped," a spokesperson said. 

The department plans community meetings in the new year. 

Blake said this incident was the worst he's witnessed in his building, and he fears it may not be the last.  

"It’s like whack-a-mole. You figure out one way to stop them and they figure out another way," Blake said.


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