A wanted woman allegedly running a fake day care under the pseudonym "Sarah Richmond" and a man were taken into custody after a standoff involving a toddler in Colorado Springs, according to police.

The woman and man -- who police identified in a tweet as 27-year-old Anna Brimm and 44-year-old Dirk Kilgore -- face several charges that also involve a cornucopia of drugs and several firearms.

Colorado Springs PD said they were sent to the 2000 block of Warwick Lane at 7:30 p.m. on Friday for a welfare check. Police have not said whose welfare they were checking.

Officers said they learned the woman running the "Tiny Toes Daycare" at a home there was using a fake name, and that she had outstanding felony and misdemeanor arrest warrants.

While officers were on scene, the parents of a toddler showed up to pick up their child. However, they told officers they couldn't get ahold of "the babysitter" there.

Eventually, parents were able to text Brimm, who confirmed the child was still at the daycare, police said. Officers on-scene then set up a perimeter and tried to negotiate to try and get Brimm -- and whoever else was in the home -- to give up the toddler, police said.

At some point in the night, a man -- later identified as Kilgore -- came out of the house and gave up the toddler, according to police. Police said the toddler was wide-eyed, shaking and had tears in his or her eyes. Officers quickly gave the child back to the parents.

Negotiations would continue with the duo in the home for another 20 minutes until Brimm surrendered and was taken into custody, police said.

Kilgore was charged with attempts to influence a public servant, but police have not explained the nature of those charges.

Brimm was charged with second-degree kidnapping, child abuse and a host of drugs charges after a litany of illicit substances were found in the daycare, police said.

That's because officers said when they searched the home for evidence related to the kidnapping, they found drug paraphernalia. Police then got another search warrant and found a stash of drugs.

Inside the home was 12.6 grams of methamphetamine, over 35 grams of heroin, 1.3 grams of cocaine and 550 prescription pills ranging from Adderall to Methadone to Alprazolam to Clonazepam, police said. According to the Police Department, the street value of the drugs was upwards of $35,000.

Also found in the home was $2,163 in cash and a Sig Sauer P250 40-caliber handgun, police said.

Brimm is also facing charges of unlawful distribution of a controlled substance, possession of weapons by a previous offender, special offender drugs and criminal possession of a financial device. It's not clear from the release whether Kilgore will face similar drug-related charges.

Colorado Springs PD is still looking for more information on the daycare and are asking for anyone whose child attends Tiny Toes along the 2000 block of Warwick Lane to call them at 719-444-7000.

9NEWS will update this story as more information comes available.