There was a brief time in recent history when the Denver-area internet was on a mission – a mission to reunite a River North brewery with a dinosaur planter that was gleefully stolen in the plain view of security cameras.

We have good news to report: that planter is back in the hands of Our Mutual Friend (we’re talking about the name of a brewery, not Rebecca – assuming the reader knows a Rebecca too).

Here’s the back story: The folks at Our Mutual Friend recently realized their planter was stolen, so they put their security camera to work. At 11:17 p.m. one night, the video revealed the culprit: a woman casually reaching over the bar and snagging the yellow dinosaur planter which clearly doesn’t belong to her.

The crew decided to get “even more CSI,” and were able to figure out the name of the woman’s husband from credit card records. They then put the (admittedly ridiculous) clip on Instagram – as well as sent a gentle email asking for the dinosaur’s return.

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Through “VERY light internet stalking” OMF says they learned the couple was in town for their first wedding anniversary. When they got the brewery’s email, they promised to overnight it back, and apologized for being stupid.

So, the dinosaur planter is now back home – and though its neck is slightly broken, it’s been repaired. It also came with a Home Depot gift card to replace the plant.

As for the original Instagram post? It has been deleted, since the brewery says they started getting calls from all over the world from various people – some of whom were pretty vicious toward the couple involved (for the record, OMF says they didn’t take what happened too seriously – they just wanted to share the video to show they are paying attention as a way to quell future acts of thievery).

The stolen planter ultimately went viral – in addition to, the Daily Mail in the UK mentioned it, and Inside Edition gave OMF a call about what happened!

Reading this story, you might be thinking to yourself: “oh no. I stole a glass from a brewery once (or twice ... or all through college). Am I going to be shamed on the internet too?”

We asked Our Mutual Friend about it, and they say as a small brewery, they wish folks wouldn’t do it. After all – that adds up to a few thousand extra dollars a year that could be spent on other stuff (mainly making good beer).

“It comes with the territory,” an email to 9NEWS from Our Mutual Friend read. “But every time someone chooses to not steal a glass, it gives us just a little bit more money to brew more beer and invest in new equipment.”

Well said.

A final point? If you want a sweet dinosaur planter for yourself, there are lots on Etsy. Don't steal one: you could go viral.