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Wheat Ridge Police search for suspect who crashed stolen truck, injured 2

"I just ran and jumped on the hood and started punching the windshield like an idiot," the truck's owner said. "Should not have done that.”

WHEAT RIDGE, Colo. — The Wheat Ridge Police Department is looking for a man who is accused of stealing a truck, crashing into multiple vehicles and injuring two people on Monday morning.

A man stole a truck that was pulling a large trailer in the area of Sheridan Boulevard and West 35th Avenue, according to police. 

The Ford F-350 belongs to Greg Brown.

"It’s my livelihood," Brown said. "This is my truck. I worked super hard. I worked for years for just this truck.”

Brown is an arborist and uses the truck and trailer to haul equipment for his job. On Monday morning, Brown said he heard the distinctive sound of his diesel truck idling outside. He saw a man wearing a bright safety vest sitting in the front seat. 

Brown wasn't about to watch his pickup and his paycheck drive away.

"I just ran and jumped on the hood and started punching the windshield like an idiot," Brown said. "Should not have done that.”

Brown held onto the hood of the truck until the driver swerved and threw him off.

"I somehow without thinking tucked and rolled sideways and protected my head," Brown said.

The suspect drove off in the truck and crashed into several vehicles, including a landscaping business's vehicle, according to a statement from WRPD.

"He's just smashing into people like a complete idiot," Brown said.

Brown continued to chase his pickup down West 38th Avenue toward Sheridan Boulevard.

"I’m just screaming like, ‘they have my truck! They’re stealing my truck!’” Brown said.

The driver of a white SUV got out of her vehicle after one of the collisions, according to police. The suspect ran her over as he was leaving the scene. The victim is expected to survive.

“I care a lot about my equipment, and I wanted it back, but I would trade all this stuff for that lady to not even get hurt," Brown said.

>Video below: Man jumps on hood of his truck in attempt to prevent it from being stolen  

The suspect abandoned the truck shortly after leaving the scene and got into the passenger seat of a white Escalade EXT, according to police. There was someone in the driver's seat and the pair drove away, according to police.

"Who knows how many vehicles they’ve stolen in the past and how many that they will continue to steal until they’re brought to justice?" Brown said.

Sheridan Boulevard was closed down from West 35th Avenue to West 38th Avenue as part of the investigation, according to WRPD. It reopened around 10:40 a.m.

Brown was able to recover his truck and his trailer. The pickup is beaten up, but Brown knows how close it was to being stolen for good.

“When I saw it driving away and someone was driving away who didn’t earn it, that was very insulting to me to the point where I didn’t think. I was just like, ‘no, this is not happening,'" Brown said. "Not on my property. Not on my watch. Not today."

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