The name of Jim Wiste sits on the wall of All-American athletes from the University of Denver.

"It's a sign of respect of what these individuals have done at the University of Denver," Ron Grahame, DU Athletic Director, said.

Grahame was friends with Wiste, an All-American Hockey Player also named to the DU Athletic Hall of Fame.

"Jim is a national champion," Grahame said.

Wiste won the nations top honors in 1968 before a short career in the NHL. After his athletic career waned, Wiste returned to Denver to open the Campus Lounge. He ran the neighborhood bar in the Bonnie Brae area of Denver for 40 years.

Grahame calls Wiste a storyteller.

"You could go and sit down and have lunch with Jimmy and just sit and listen to the stories and the people that he had encountered," Grahame said.

On Tuesday night, Wiste died at a local hospital after an unexpected health problem.

"It was really a shock. It was a surprise," Grahame said.

Bill Vezas owns Bill's Sports Collectibles in south Denver. Vezas says Wiste was a well-liked local sports and business legend.

"He had just been in here this past spring with his brother and you know it seemed like he was doing well and he was happy in retirement," Vezas said.

In 2016, Wiste decided to sell the Campus Lounge telling folks he wanted a chance to be the customer, for once.

"I kinda like to go out on my terms and travel while I still can," Wiste said in a 2016 9News story.

Kaela Martin served as project manager for the new Campus Lounge, revamped as a restaurant versus the former sports bar.

"He was very gracious and a pleasure to work with," Martin said.

She says he was visibly relieved to finally turn the Campus Lounge over to someone who will keep the name and spirit of his place alive.

"He was very happy that we were here," Martin said. "it's not a parking lot. It's not a gas station. It's still here."

The University of Denver is currently working on some kind of tribute to Wiste likely during one of the upcoming home games for the Men's Hockey Team.

"This was something that was totally unexpected and very tragic," Grahme said. "He was a part of what happened in the community. He was a part of what happened at the university."