Teachers in Denver Public Schools have their day one lesson plans for the start of the next school year. Nature took care of that.

Their first day of class is the same day as the total solar eclipse, August 21.

Will Jones, the DPS spokesman believes all of the district's 199 schools are working special eclipse activities into the first day.

More than 20,000 of those protective glasses needed to view the eclipse have been donated to the district.

Jones sent us information from some of the schools who have confirmed their activities with him.

The Parent Teacher Association for McKinley-Thatcher Elementary bought their own for students and volunteers.

They will begin observing the total solar eclipse at 10:30 a.m.

Swigert International School is planning on having all students out on the field with their special glasses to view the eclipse.

Students will read about the eclipse in their classes prior to viewing and then create a reflection/memorabilia piece to take home.

Polaris Elementary School, Asbury Elementary School, McMeen Elementary School and Cheltenham Elementary School are also hosting solar eclipse activities with students.

Superintendent Tom Boasberg plans to visit some schools to check out their activities on the first day.
It's likely he will drop by some of those schools.

The Cherry Creek School District also has activities planned at all of its schools.

Both districts are putting together safety guides for teachers to help ensure students are watching the eclipse safely.

We asked 9NEWS viewers if they would take their children out of class to watch the eclipse with their families instead.

At 10 p.m., 71 percent said they would allow their kids to miss school on that day. Twenty-nine percent said no way, school is important. Their kids would have to watch it with their teachers and classmates.

DPS says it would be up to each individual school to decide whether missing school to watch the eclipse would be considered an excused absence.

Jones says they would likely take into account if parents called ahead of time to excuse their student.

The Douglas County School District also has a number of schools planning different activities for the solar eclipse. The district is also sending a safety reminder to its staff to ensure its students are viewing the eclipse with the proper protective equipment.

Paula Hans, the district's spokesperson, says if parents decide to take their children out of school that day to go view the eclipse they will honor the parent's' decision. Parents just need to notify the district ahead of time with the reason for the absence to make sure it is excused.

It's a similar situation with the Jefferson County School District. Several schools have planned activities at their campuses.

Some schools actually started planning a long time ago so they could take their students on a field trip to Wyoming to view the rare event.

Diana Wilson, the spokesperson for Jeffco Public Schools says Lincoln Academy and JeffCo Open School are both taking students to Wyoming.

We also called Aurora Public Schools and are waiting on their response.