You did it. You survived Eclipse 2017.

If you missed, you only need to wait until 2045 for the next visible eclipse in Colorado, or you can read our summary of interesting thing that happened:

1. The temperature dropped

Obstruction reached 92 percent in Denver at 11:47, and during the eclipse the temperature dropped 8 degrees: 85 to 77.

2. The chickens freaked out???

According to Douglas County Schools, the chickens at Sedalia Elementary retreated to their coop onced the eclipse began. And once it ended, the roosters came out and crowed at the sight of the sun.

(Via @DCSDK12)
(Via @DCSDK12)
(Via @DCSDK12)

3. Some street lights came on in Colorado?

The eclipse made the street lights come on.A post shared by Dewey Nelson (@jamtopdewey) on

4. Crazy shadows on the groundCrescent-shaped lights/shadows were all over the ground.

5. Streams of 'Total Eclipse of the Heart' went through the roof todayStreaming on Spotify went up by almost 3,000 percent on Monday. Obviously.6. Selfie trafficColorado Department of Transportation said people stopping to take selfies on their way to Wyoming caused major congestion on Monday.--Know of more weird/interesting/quirky things? Let me know: Pictures/videos are best!