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Student carrying wooden color guard rifle prompts alert at Boulder schools

The rifle is a prop and non-functioning.
Credit: Courtesy Boulder PD

A lockdown at Fairview High School and lockouts at four other schools in the Boulder Valley School District have been lifted following what began as a report of a "suspicious individual" in the area.

The Boulder Valley School District tweeted that the person in question was holding a white wooden color guard rifle -- something that's actually used in an activity that's part of the curriculum at Fairview, according to a news release from Boulder Police.

Normally the wooden rifle is in a case, however this time, the 15-year-old student's case was full of flags, so he opted to carry the rifle separately, Boulder Police said.

"The rifle is a prop and is not operational as a functioning rifle," Boulder Police wrote in a news release.

Parents of students who have not yet left home at Fairview High School, Southern Hills Middle School, Bear Creek and Mesa elementary schools, and Boulder Montessori School were encouraged to stay put until an all-clear was sent.

Since it has, students are good to head to class.

The district said arriving students were being “hurried into buildings.”

The report of the “suspicious individual” was seen near Darley Avenue and Hartford Drive. There’s no word on what made that particular person suspicious.

During a lockout, students and staff are brought indoors and perimeter doors are locked, but business continues as normal inside the schools themselves.

A lockdown, by contrast, means classroom doors are locked, lights are turned off and students are kept in a quiet place indoors.