ROCKY FORD - A freshman who goes to Rocky Ford Junior-Senior High School is the Colorado winner of the Doodle-4-Google contest.

Once a year, Google holds a national Doodle-4-Google contest for students across the country.

Bonita Rael, 15, says the theme this year was "What makes me, me.{ She says she chose to draw about her Mexican culture.

“I drew two people dancing, a male and female, and it was just about the dancing culture and the Mexican society because it's a really beautiful thing,” Rael said.

She say her teacher told her about the contest the day before the deadline. And in one day she prepared it, drew her doodle, and wrote a 50 word essay about it.

Later, her school principal told her she was the winner for Colorado. But she did not tell Rael Google was coming to surprise her last Friday.

The school held a school assembly in Rael’s honor and two Google representatives came to Rocky Ford to present Rael with a larger-than-life version of her winning doodle, a Nexus tablet, a t-shirt with her doodle on it and a $2,500 award for her school’s art department.

“It was really, really cool,” Rael said. “It’s a really cool feeling just to know that out of everybody’s doodles in the state of Colorado that I got chosen for it.

And I’m actually proud that I did something like that to make my state proud.”

She says down the road she’d like to be either a story board artist or a video game illustrator.

If you’d like to vote for Bonita’s doodle—it’s now entered in the national competition—go to:

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