You won't find many high schoolers who care about a janitor the way students at Arvada High School care about the man they call, Wild Bill.

William Manning, otherwise dubbed Wild Bill, has been Arvada High's janitor for 14 years.

His positivity, enthusiam and genuine love for students sets him apart, according to Principal Gina Rivas.

"He comes to all the games. The football games, basetball games, he comes to the wrestling matches. Even while he's working, he sneaks in there to see the score then goes back out to work," Rivas said. "I have never seen it before in my 26 years of education."

There is no doubt Wild Bill has formed a unique bond with many of the students at Arvada High over the years.

That became clear about two weeks ago, when Bill's car was stolen from the parking lot of his apartment complex.

"I dropped to my knees and cried," Bill said, "It's my pride and joy. I worked really hard for it."

It was evident Bill was torn up by the theft, according to senior Ian Fonseca.

"He had told me that his car had gotten stolen and he started tearing up in the locker room and it just kind of made me feel bad," Fonseca said.

He was compelled to start fundraising for Wild Bill.

In two days, they raised more than $4,100.

"Everyone wants to support Bill because they know how much he would do for you or has done for you," Fonseca says.

Bill is touched by the kind gesture, adding that the students at Arvada High are family.

"These are my children here," Bill says, "This is my home. This is where I'll retire some day."

Bill has been driving a rental car while Arvada Police continue to investigate.

The Jefferson County Sheriff's Office says there has been a spike in car trespassing this holiday season.

Officials are urging drivers to be cautious. Investigators say about 70% of the cars being broken into are not locked.