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Bargaining for new contracts continues between DPS and teacher's union

A strike could be just over a month away for DPS teachers while the district and the union continue to bargain over new contracts for educators.

The Denver teachers union met again Tuesday night with Denver Public Schools to bargain for a new contract. The current one expires in the middle of January.

The two sides have met throughout the year but have yet to sign a new contract for educators. The union, known as the Denver Classroom Teachers Association, said it wants more reliable compensation to help attract and keep qualified teachers.

"A higher salary increase that once you earn it remains with you instead of one-time incentives that you might qualify one year or you might not qualify the next year," said DCTA president Henry Roman while explaining what his side wants from the negotiations.

On Tuesday, DPS presented a proposal that they said they hope will bring the two sides closer to an agreement before the deadline arrives.

"We really see ourselves bringing millions of dollars to the table to help make our compensation competitive in the metro area," explained interim DPS superintendent Ron Cabrera. "We recognize that's something they want. That's something we want. And we want to keep our teachers here."

There are six more bargaining sessions before the Jan. 18 deadline. If that day arrives without an agreement, the union told 9NEWS it is likely to strike until a contract is agreed upon.

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