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Clean River Design Challenge pits students against trash-filled waterways

Denverites throw enough trash in our waterways to fill up 7 trucks a week.
Clean River Design Challenge has students thinking about our waterways

Every week, workers with the City of Denver and volunteers through The Greenway Foundation pick up enough trash to fill a 30-cubic-yard dumpster. The foundation says that's equivalent to seven trucks.

The craziest part is that cleanup is all done by hand!

So some local college students are getting the opportunity to take a crack at the issue.

"I think there has to be a better way and I believe our students are smart enough, creative enough and care enough about the issue to be the ones to come up with answers for this," said Devon Buckels with Water Connection.

Tuesday, they held the Clean Rivers Design Challenge. Six groups of students from different Colorado universities competed for the best design to catch trash in our rivers. The organization hopes to fund the winning idea and put it in our waterways.

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