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CSU reports 9 COVID-19 cases after telling 2 dorms to quarantine

Students in Braiden and Summit halls were told to quarantine the night of Sep. 24 after high levels of COVID-19 were found in wastewater.

FORT COLLINS, Colo. — Colorado State University (CSU) reported nine COVID-19 cases and moved students to isolation spaces on campus after students in two residence halls were told to quarantine last week.

The students in the two residence halls were told in a letter sent the night of Sep. 24 to quarantine after officials detected a “significantly high level of COVID-19 in the wastewater.”

Six students in Braiden Hall and three students in Summit Hall tested positive among students who remained in the halls during quarantine, according to CSU.

On Tuesday night, CSU sad that wastewater results have dropped from the high levels detected at the two halls.

CSU said that all students in Summit and Braiden halls who have received negative results from testing done during the last week are no longer in quarantine and can resume normal schedules.

People who live in these two halls were placed into mandatory quarantine, which means they were barred from leaving for any reason, the letter says.

CSU said follow-up tests are required of any residents who left the building as they return.

Students who left the residence hall immediately before or during the quarantine period may return if they get tested immediately, CSU said.

Any students who have not been tested since the quarantine will receive an email with instructions on getting a test.

Anyone tested off-campus within the last three days can submit their test results to CSU's public health office.

CSU said students should complete the mandatory tests within 24 hours of their return to campus, and said they may test at a Larimer County site if unable to make testing times at the Lory Student Center.

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