For actors at the Community College of Aurora, the opening of the latest production called Vox: Under Construction may be difficult to call a play because, to students like Genesis Miller, it's so real.

"I get really anxious over the smallest of things or the big things or when everything happens at once," Miller said.

Stacy D'Angelo is the director of theater at the Community College of Aurora. She is excited to work the Phamaly Theater Company which is made up of actors with disabilities. She wants to show the realities of life living with different challenges.

"The show is really a series of different scenes and monologues and sketches," D'Angelo said. "Each scene is the truth of one of the actors and every actor wrote every word in the script."

Paul Behrhorst is the director for production and operations for the Phamaly Theater Company which was formed in 1989. He says it's been a great experience for the students interacting with actors with disabilities.

"There's definitely a learning curve for anybody who tries to work with Phamaly," Behrhorst said. "When are you crossing the line even with just your language and how do you help other people without being offensive and all?"

Vox: Under Construction shares the stories of people a variety of disabilities like being in a wheelchair or living blind to dealing with 'invisible' disabilities like anxiety.

"If I feel overwhelmed, it's heightened and I feel constricted and I can't breathe. I have to isolate myself so that I don't freak out, blow up in front of someone," Miller said. "People don't see anxiety as a big issue or even having (Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder) as an issue. They think it's just something you can get over."

Miles Groberg is another student at the Community College of Aurora who also deals with anxiety. But, he says this production allows him to show the audience that the challenges are different for everyone.

"My anxiety is not the same as Genesis's and we express it differently, we deal with it differently," Groberg said. "It's been helpful to be able to write and especially some of the early stuff that we were writing."

The production of Vox: Under Construction opens Thursday night and runs through November 4. If you want more information click here.

"It's open and honest and raw," D'Angelo said.

Miller said it's real and she hopes that it will help people learn perspective.

"Sharing that with people, it eliminates ignorance," Miller said.