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Daniels Fund launches SHIFTCareer program for scholars

Students get help making the leap into the professional world.

Kim is a senior at the Colorado School of Mines. She is also a Daniels Scholar, recipient of what essentially is a four-year, full-ride scholarship to any college in the country after all other financial aid options are explored. 

Named after the cable magnate, Bill Daniels, the nonprofit launched something new called SHIFTCareer 2018. SHIFTCareer is a series of workshops on subjects like resume writing and salary negotiation before a career fair with representatives from 22 companies from the Rocky Mountain region.

"The request came from Daniels Scholars that wanted more support in helping them learn more about the career and internship process," said Bo Peretto, Daniels Fund Senior Vice President.

While the career fair helps students like Kim, Claire Furlow with 1stBank said it also helps recruiters like herself find people with good speaking skills.

"With those softer skills of being able to communicate, for us, it's with our customers, so I think it's definitely a good thing," Furlow said. "We definitely do have applicants that turn into hires for us."

Kim said getting that first job is stressful.

"It's a scary process because the job market. There's a lot of people like trying to get the same job as you," Kim said.

Peretto that's why Daniels Fund put SHIFTCareer together.

"We want to make sure that Daniels Scholars are more prepared to enter the job market and ultimately have the chance for success in landing that dream job," Peretto said.

The Daniels Fund asked for applications from Daniels Scholars and 104 juniors and seniors were chosen. Each of these scholars was provided transportation and accommodations to attend this two-day event.

"They come to our campus. They see how we're doing and now even they're helping us find a job," Kim said. "They really take it from the beginning until the end."

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