A Denver private school continues its perfect graduation record. For 10 years, all the seniors at Arrupe Jesuit High School have received their diplomas and been accepted to college.

The school provides a private education for students who normally wouldn’t be able to afford one. It also requires every student to work outside the school for one day a week.

A woman who was part of the first graduating class at Arrupe in 2007 said she credits the school for a lot of her success as a businesswoman. Michelle Spreutels Martinez said the school’s corporate work study program gave her the desire to help others.

“Back then, I wanted to be a doctor,” she said. “Life took me a different route.”

Life may have taken her a different route, but one where she still serves others. She now works as a corporate recruiter for Staples in Brighton and Aurora, taking care of the hiring needs for both locations.

“Being in recruiting, you are helping people,” Spreutels Martinez said. “You’re making almost a more immediate impact on their livelihood, on their family life, on their budget, on their families in general.”

No matter her career, Spreutels Martinez said her high school is a big part of how she turned out today.

“Arrupe is the reason, the main reason, why I’ve been able to do and achieve what I’ve been able to achieve,” she said.

She said at the end of the day, all she wants to do is help people even if it’s by over the phone or e-mail.