DENVER — As the teachers strike ended outside of Marie L. Greenwood Academy and other schools around Denver, Autumn Jones knew she had to take advantage of this teaching moment.

"The most interesting for me and probably most important for the students is having them watch what's happening in real time in the media," Jones said.

She is a Career and Technical Education teacher who coordinates journalism and broadcast classes at Greenwood Academy in far northeast Denver. Upon returning to the classroom, Jones wanted student feedback on what they observed and how they perceived the strike through their main information outlet - social media.

"Look at the stories on Snapchat. Look at stories on Facebook," Jones said. "Talk about how East High School had such a powerful video that traveled so quickly."

Because her students lived through this news event, she believes the strike is the ultimate teaching moment that she hopes students will remember for a lifetime.

"Having teachers outside their school, teachers that they know, teachers that they saw them in the media, in photographs, in videos, teachers who are using their voice in a really powerful way," Jones said. "I think and hope that that is a really strong message of social justice for them."

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