Denver Public Schools says it will no longer consider a measure that would eliminate physical education as a requirement for graduation.

Earlier on Wednesday, an agenda for Thursday's school board meeting featured a proposal that would make physical education an elective, and not a requirement.

However a new proposal that was added Wednesday afternoon keeps physical education as a graduation requirement.

A spokesperson for DPS says the board is no longer considering that original proposal.

Under the current requirements Denver Public School students must complete:

  • 40 semester hours each of English and Math
  • 30 semester hours each of Science and Social Studies
  • 10 semester hours of physical education/dance/citywide marching band/ROTC/ or DPS athletics.
  • 90 semester hours of Approved Electives (art, career technical education, world languages etc.)

Under the proposal dated May 5, 2016, the 10 semester hours of required physical education, dance, citywide marching band, ROTC, or DPS athletics would have no longer existed— however, the Approved Elective requirements would have increase by 10 semester hours.