DENVER - Sarah Baie and the Museum of Contemporary Art Denver are looking for students who think they could be failures.

"What we're looking for, we're looking for creative kids," Baie said. "The creative kids are invited to submit a project to the museum that embraces risk-taking or shows a willingness to risk failure."

Baie is the director of Programs for MCA Denver, which debuted a new $10,000 scholarship on Wednesday for any college-bound high school senior in Colorado. The Failure Fair Scholarship wants to find students who are willing to try something totally different or new in any field from science to math to art.

"Failure and a willingness to risk failure is an important element of the creative process and we recognize that part of the creativity is useful not just for artistic disciplines, but across disciplines," Baie said.

9NEWS has partnered with an arm of the Department of Higher Education called College in Colorado. College in Colorado is putting on a statewide event called College Goal Sunday which is making experts available for free to help families fill out the FAFSA which stands for Free Application for Federal Student Aid.

The Failure Fair Scholarship is an example of the types of financial opportunities available to students, according to College in in Colorado Executive Director Dawn Taylor Owens.

"You can find scholarships if you're left-handed, red-headed, middle child, make the best peanut butter and jelly sandwich," Taylor Owens said.

But. she says the first step for any scholarship runs through filling out the FAFSA.

"Institution-based scholarships, private scholarships, you have to fill out the FAFSA and unfortunately, there are so many families that apply for college and apply for this aid without filling out the FAFSA and they're not considered," Taylor Owens said.

She says that last year in Colorado $12 million in Pell Grant money went unclaimed despite the number of families that were eligible.

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That's why College in Colorado puts on College Goal Sunday to encourage families to fill out the FAFSA. If you want to find out more about College Goal Sunday, click here:

"Despite all the efforts to make it a little less cumbersome and little less tedious, it's still, there's a lot to (the FAFSA)," Taylor Owens said.

In other words, Taylor Owens says don't miss out on the scholarship opportunities through FAFSA and be the wrong kind of failure.

"We think there is a lot of kids out there who are looking for something just like this to help them find a way to pay for college," Baie said.

If you want to find more information about the Failure Fair Scholarship, click here:

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