The FBI is investigating a series of similar schools threats across the country Monday that prompted an evacuation at a Parker elementary school.

Cherokee Trail Elementary School students were evacuated as a precautionary measure, according to Parker Police.

According to police, an anonymous threat has gone to various schools across the state, as well as in Utah, Kansas, New Hampshire, Wisconsin, California and even the United Kingdom.

Both Lakewood High School and Platt Middle School said the call they received was a computer-generated or automated call that turned out to be a hoax.

The Colorado Division of Emergency Management checked with districts in other states, and learned they also received robocalls that they are believed to be related to the ones received in Colorado.

9NEWS is made various calls to several different school districts to see who all received the anonymous threat. So far, 9NEWS has confirmed the anonymous threat was sent to the following schools:

  • Irish Elementary School (Poudre School District) - threat call came in around 11:30 a.m. School was temporarily evacuated but everything is back to normal now. No sign this was a credible threat.
  • Lakewood High School (Jefferson County School District) - the automated call came in on Monday. No students were evacuated. Security and police are in place as a precautionary measure. There is not sign this was a credible threat.
  • Platt Middle School (Boulder Valley School District) - a computer-generated recorded threat came in Monday and was determined to be a hoax by local law enforcement. The building was thoroughly inspected and nothing was found.