FIRESTONE- Studies show school-aged kids in the United States spend about 85% of their waking hours sitting. So, Imagine Charter School in Firestone decided to incorporate a couple of standing desks in the classroom and see how the kids respond.

“It just never seemed a reality to me because schools don’t normally have a budget for something extra like that,” kindergarten teacher Kristin Baker said.

Baker and a parent started the pilot program thanks to JRB Studio, the manufacturer of the desks. The company donated a couple of the standing desks to the school so teachers could gauge success.

“The desks have been phenomenal because they’ve gotten kids up, moving around. We’ve noticed that when they move around more they learn better. They’re able to focus more and solve complicated tasks just by being able to move and have the choice to stand rather than sit,” said Baker.

Five minutes spent in Ms. Baker’s classroom and it’s clear. Most kindergartners are incapable of sitting still longer than a few minutes. Kids choose the table tops over the chairs and when it’s their turn to stand they take advantage. They move around about the same, but it’s less distracting and the blood is flowing.

“Some of my students who were unable to focus while sitting down focus so much better standing up. Because they can move more, they can wiggle more, they aren’t interrupting anybody else. And while they’re doing that they’re also able to listen. I find kids are able to be a little more creative just because blood’s flowing,” said Baker.

The kids love it too. They’re not entirely sure why it’s so great for them.

“Because it feels really good for your legs,” one of Baker’s students said.

But they do know it’s a good thing. An added bonus, the desks are for sharing. About five friends get to share one standing desk.

The goal now is to get at least one standing desk in every classroom at Imagine Charter School. At $470 per desk they’ll need to raise about $12,000. That’s the goal up right now on a GoFundMe page.

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