While some students protested against standardized tests over the past couple years, one student in Frisco soaked them up.

"I did pretty well on the first five that I took and I thought I should keep going," Grant Morgan said.

Morgan just graduated as part of the first-ever senior class at The Peak School in Frisco. Last year, Morgan took five Advanced Placement tests to receive college credit. He attained a "5", the highest score on four of them and a "4" on the Music Theory test.

"You have to look at written music and sing it without ever having heard it and that was really hard," Morgan said.

This year, he took 12 more AP tests over a two-week span. He's awaiting the results.

"I feel really good about all of them except maybe Physics C," Morgan said. "It's the hardest part of physics, but you could only use calculus. So, they were intense."

Steven Coleman is the Head of School and has taught Morgan for the past three years.

"The main thing that we do here is empower students and to give them responsibility for their education," Coleman said.

The Peak School is a private program with 65 students that takes a tailored approach to learning.

"Every year, I have personalized my education to help me do better on these tests," Morgan said.

Coleman says he was honored to teach a student as intellectually engaged as Morgan.

"There was a funny exchange we had when Grant told me about the number of tests and I said you really are a glutton for punishment," Coleman said. "He said, 'bring on the punishment.'"

Morgan says standardized tests have never really fazed him.

"I'm generally pretty cool under pressure and that's so important when you're taking a test," Morgan said.

Instead of going straight to college, Morgan will take a year off school to experience a learning expedition through a mountainous and remote part of South America called Patagonia. He then hopes to go to Columbia University in New York with plans on being a neurosurgeon.

"I am done with standardized tests, hopefully for the rest of my life," Morgan said.