AURORA - For 14-year-old Maddie Torrez, explaining her passions for science and engineering comes easy to her. She wants to prove a point when it comes to her career choice.

“An Aerospace Engineer,” explained Torrez. “I want to show them that it’s normal –girls can do exactly what boys can do.”

That’s one of the reasons when she and other students from across the state are attending the STEM CybyrSecurity camp in Aurora. It’s a week-long camp based on learning and being on the leading edge of the new technology workforce. A concept Program Coordinator Randy Mills agrees with.

“The challenge is to be on the front edge, and if we wait until these kids get to college and we wait until they get out into the industry, we’ve missed an opportunity and we’ve missed a job market that is so powerful,” said Mills.

And for parents like Nicole Tow, seeing her son going through this program is something she can really get behind.

“It’s something that can help them in school but it’s also interesting,” Tow said. “They’re around their peers, and it might possibly fuel a career down the road.”

“Give them the opportunities, give them the resources and just get out of their way and let them do what they need to do,” said Mills.